[Baby food supplement dumplings]_Baby_How to make

[Baby food supplement dumplings]_Baby_How to make

Dumplings are a meal that is suitable for all groups of people. In the past, old people could eat them, and children could also eat them.

Pay special attention when feeding the baby, because the baby is still young, he still has a lot of incomplete development, the dumplings for the baby should be boiled a little to prevent the baby from choking or eating too fast. Feeding the baby to eat dumplings isVery particular about it, most people don’t know, so what is the practice of baby complementary food dumplings?

Emerald Crystal Dumplings: Ingredients: Chengmen, spinach, shrimp, carrots, mushrooms, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, sesame oil, raw flour Practice: 1.

Mix the raw powder and Chengnian at a ratio of 1: 1, then add water and mix thoroughly. After the water in the pot is boiled, pour the slurry into the mixture and keep stirring until it becomes thick and transparent.


Sprinkle some dry noodles on the chopping board. Take out the dough and place it on the top. Knead for a while and let it stand for a while.


Sauté carrots, spinach, and mushrooms, then chop and chop the shrimp into mashed shrimps. Put these ingredients together, then add MSG, sugar, salt, pepper, and sesame oil to fill the filling.


After that, take out the dough and roll it to make dumpling skin, then wrap it in the stuffing and steam it for 5 minutes in the boiling water pot: baby three-color dumplings.

The thickness of the dumpling stuffing can be adjusted according to the baby’s teething situation, without having to make it too thin all the time.

The tomato is added to reconcile the taste and nutritional nutrition, but the filling will be thinner after adding the tomato. It is not convenient to wrap it up. The weather in the north is dry. After the skin of the small dumplings is covered, it must be covered to prevent it from drying out.Hold tight.

If the wrapped dumplings are not put in the refrigerator, pay attention to moisturizing.

Baby dumplings sound troublesome. It’s troublesome to roll the dumpling skin so thin and so small.

Lazy mom, today I share a little trick that I invented: use the leftover bottle cap to use it!

The small dumpling skins pressed on the ready-made dumpling skins with the beverage bottle caps are exactly the same size and appearance. The wrapped baby dumplings are super uniform and exquisitely cute.

As your baby grows, it can be replaced with a transformed bottle cap.

There is always waste to use this string. Do n’t forget that we have to cultivate a good habit of low-carbon life. The processing of dumpling stuffing is not difficult. Choose some nutritious vegetables and meats, such as carrots and celery, which may allow your baby to contact as soon as possible, So it will not be able to resist touch when it is so big.

Just a dozen with a blender.

Ten-month-old baby has been able to eat salty taste, you can add less salt from the tip of chopsticks to taste