[Can I drink durian?]_ Recommended diet

[Can I drink durian?]_ Recommended diet

Durian is known as the king of fruits. Its nutritional value is very high. Properly eating some can improve the body’s immune system and have a good health effect. However, durian is a hot fruit. Pay attention to some contraindications when eating it.Next, let’s take a look at this content.

It is best not to drink alcohol when eating durian, because wine is also a hot food. Eating two kinds of food together can lead to a large liver fire, and even cause gastrointestinal side effects, which can lead to body temperature and endocrine disorders, which can easily cause constipation.Symptoms can also easily cause facial acne.

When eating durian, do not eat some foods that are easy to get angry. Except that you ca n’t drink alcohol, try not to eat seafood, because seafood is also a cold ingredient. The two foods have a certain effect on each other. It is easy to eat togetherCauses more serious gastrointestinal disorders, and even causes vomiting and nausea, especially crabs can not eat with durian.

It is also best not to drink milk when eating durian, because the volume of milk is also relatively high. If two kinds of food are eaten together, it will increase the burden on the kidneys, and even for patients with low kidney function or diabetes, it may even cause someDangerous, so it is best not to drink milk while eating durian.

In addition, do not drink cola while eating durian. Cola contains a large amount of caffeine. This will cause a certain chemical reaction with potassium in durian, which will cause a burden on the heart and easily cause arrhythmia. For patients with heart diseaseIt is easy to induce acute heart disease.

Do not eat too much when you eat durian, too. Eating too much can easily lead to fire, and it is easy to cause a bad burden on the body. Even healthy people should not eat too much.